Our services support organisations and communities with project management and facilitation services.  This focus is also our social purpose: to help people have fair and reasonable access to opportunities. 

Project Management

Services include planning, organising and implementing projects.  We bring skills and processes to achieve the project goal within the timeframe, resources and budget responsibly.

We can help define the project scope, create the project plan, identify and manage resources and risks.  We can support the delivery of the project, monitor its progress, provide communications support, define outcomes and collect supporting data, prepare reports, mentor and evaluate.


Our facilitation services assist and guide organisations, community groups, teams and individuals to identify and develop pathways to achieve their agreed goals.

We create a space where participants have equity, can talk, collaborate and develop and implement action plans.

We facilitate workshops and meetings in person and online.


We work with a wide range of people, partners and audiences including organisations, companies, community groups, small business and social enterprises in the for-profit and non-profit sector, philanthropic organisations, government and service providers.

We work with farmers, industry organisations, facilitators, educators and researchers.  We engage with vulnerable or at-risk young people, gifted and talented students, linguistically and culturally diverse adult learners.  We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families, communities, Elders and Traditional Owners, Aboriginal led and run corporations and enterprises.

We work in rural, regional, remote and urban communities and have a history of working across Australia valuing their experiences, perspectives and connections.

We have a range of industry and service sector experience including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, land management, education, government, leadership, and philanthropy.

For examples of the work we do, see Projects.