Lorenzo Quinn's Give

Lorenzo Quinn’s Give

Rebecca Iliffe and Turnstone Projects

Rebecca Iliffe established Turnstone Projects in 2003 supporting organisations and communities with project management and facilitation services in education, employment and enterprise.  This focus is also our social purpose: to help people have fair and reasonable access to opportunities.

Turnstone Projects works with a wide range of people, partners and audiences including organisations, companies, community groups, social enterprises, philanthropic organisations, government and service providers.  We work in rural, regional, remote and urban communities.

Services are provided through Rebecca’s own business, Turnstone Projects, a certified social enterprise, as an associate or contracted to the organisation itself.

Rebecca is an experienced project manager, facilitator, social entrepreneur and educator.

She works collaboratively with organisations, business and the community to actively seek out and further opportunities in education, employment and enterprise. With proven results enabling, facilitating and implementing projects, this inclusive approach delivers.

If you get a chance to work with Rebecca, take it.

Jay Lamb, Social Enterprise Academy International