Turnstone Projects works with companies, organisations and communities
where shared interests exist.

Our focus is to help contribute to positive and sustained impact for our clients and their partners.
We work in a range of industries engaging with communities across Australia.

Turnstone Projects was established by Rebecca Iliffe in 2003. The principle that the business was built on was to work with good people on good projects. More than fifteen years on, this principle still underpins what we do.

Initially we are the ‘outsider’ on a project. We listen and observe. Then we help facilitate constructive conversations with all those who need to be or want to be involved. We identify and help build the relationships to do this. We then guide the discussions to progress ideas, develop or refine the strategy and implement the project. We work closely with all involved for as long as is required.
This approach requires sensitivity, compassion and focus. It enables new collaborations and encourages partnerships for sustained development. We stay involved, providing advice or as a mentor to the strategy or project. In this way, projects are given the strongest support and when achieved, this approach often encourages broad interest and new locally developed initiatives emerge.

By design Turnstone Project is a small company. Rebecca Iliffe is involved in all aspects of a project. It provides continuity and creates sound, robust and lasting relationships. It also means Turnstone Projects has developed and maintains a strong network of professional support and links with a range of organisations to, as required, assist our work.
Turnstone Projects seeks to give in a positive way to projects or issues we feel need to be raised, discussed and debated. We do this on a pro bono basis. This can include projects helping facilitate industry reform to encouraging connections, investment and partnerships between the city and country. We do this through specific projects we identify and through our blog.