Grantlines: For companies, organisations
and communities

Partnering People and Projects for Good

What is

Grantlines is a service provided by Turnstone Projects for companies, organisations and communities where shared interests exist. The services helps realise local projects together for positive and sustained social benefit.

It is done through a guided process. Grantlines works across a range of industries and communities across Australia. It seeks to combine the best of each, as no single sector or industry, company, organisation, agency or community can have all the answers to the full range of complex challenges in the 21st century. Each has part of the answer and Grantlines helps brings these parts together.

What does
Grantlines provide?

The Grantlines service is designed for companies, organisations and community groups looking to form partnerships in the community and with others. It is most suited to helping with projects that are complex, require long-term commitment, involve a new approach or rely on others to help bring about change. Grantlines brings value to the company or organisation in their work. It brings additional energy, publicity, expertise, resources, profile and connections to the project. Together, this contributes to community viability and sustainability.

The Grantlines services

  • Assisting companies and organisations planning for, reviewing or extending their community engagement through partnerships;
  • Working with the community to help identify, scope and present projects;
  • Providing practical assistance to help develop and implement project proposals and in the review, evaluation or impact assessment of the project;
  • Preparing practical resources including guides and workshops to enable companies, organisations and communities to develop appropriate partnerships; and
  • Providing support and mentoring over the life of the project from development to delivery.


practical support for companies, organisations and communities
to realise local projects together for positive and sustained social benefit.

For companies and organisations

The benefits of Grantlines for companies and organisations include:
  • Identifying and developing greater opportunities for local collaboration to champion and contribute to projects that deliver shared local benefits;
  • Engaging a broad range of organisations and interested parties to address community initiated projects;
  • Encouraging community development and coordination of requests and projects;
  • Providing companies and organisations with well developed project proposals with outcomes clearly stated;
  • Having project advisory services available over the life of the project/grant for continuity, mentoring, evaluations and social impact assessment; and
  • Contributing to the philosophy and practice of social enterprise, community and business development and collective social impact for a more sustainable community.

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Turnstone Projects Grantlines Company and Organisation Overview Brochure

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For community

The benefits of Grantlines for communities include:
  • Developing the skills for forming partnerships within the community;
  • Making relevant companies, organisations, service providers, government agencies and the philanthropic sector aware of your work in a planned and consistent way;
  • Promoting your community / town / region to a wider audience;
  • Enabling the community to engage in discussions early on with potential partners and help bring projects to life more quickly;
  • Preparing material about your project to all interested parties; and
  • Establishing partnerships to: bring resources, networks and connections that advance your project; add value for the partners in the work they do; and through this, supporting your community’s viability and sustainability.
To provide support to communities, we have written 'Grantlines: Partnering Local Projects, A practical guide for community groups to build partnerships for their projects'. This can be downloaded at no cost from Grantlines | Resources.

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Turnstone Projects Grantlines Community Guide Brochure

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Turnstone Projects Grantlines Community Guide Workshop Brochure

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Case file: Building partnerships through stories

Digital storytelling as a development, advocacy and partnership tool

Storytelling is a powerful way to teach, guide and inspire. Digital storytelling enables the practice to easily adapt to an online platform. Presented like a video, digital storytelling combines images, short video clips, an audio track, music and text to describe the work being done and why it is being done.

Presented in the voices of those involved in the work or, the recipients of those the project supports, it causes attention as it is personal, compelling and succinct.

Organisations and communities using common and accessible day-to-day devices and some guidance, are able to prepare their own digital story either with little or no previous experience.


Bringing Forward Young Leaders, prepared for Gumatj Corporation (NT) on its selection process for its first intake of participants for their year-long training and employment program at the Gulkula Regional Training Centre


HEART | A new approach to employment and training where participants talk about their experiences and hopes from their training in north-east Arnhem Land (NT) and at the famous Garma Festival.


Enterprising Tours, collaboratively developed by students and the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) in Beechworth (VIC) and hosted by ACRE.


Kitchen Garden Kids, the story of the Canterbury Produce Show at Canterbury Public School in Sydney’s inner west (NSW).

A digital story of two to four minutes can capture a project that may have taken several weeks, months or longer to implement, been complex of straightforward and involved few or many people. It also responds to the way people want to present and receive information. The use of video or web-based content to report, share, inform and advocate is outstripping demand for written content, posts and newsletters. Facebook estimates that by 2020, 82 per cent of internet traffic will be video (currently 70 per cent) and almost 30 million visitors watch five billion videos on YouTube every day.

Digital stories can be used for many purposes including:
  • documenting and reporting on projects;
  • showcasing a particular project, activity or issue;
  • encouraging engagement or a 'call to action’;
  • marketing the work or project to others; and
  • creating content for social media, events and conferences.

What we do:

Our approach is to enable individuals, communities and organisations to prepare their own digital story by sharing the methodology and accessing low-cost production tools. We do this by preparing a tailored how-to-guide, conducting training workshops and providing coaching services.

To discuss preparing a tailored how-to digital story telling guide, or, our other support services, please get in touch.

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