Turnstone Projects works with people through challenge, opportunity and change.

We do this by undertaking research, guiding and facilitating conversations, building relationships, developing and implementing projects, and providing on-going support and mentoring. Our work often creates education and employment opportunities using business models from social enterprise to appropriate investment attraction.

 Research, writing and planning

Partnering People and Projects for Good

Building robust relationships and partnerships is an important part of our work. We provide support and practical assistance to realise local projects with those where the project is based to ensure its long term success.


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Read more on our practical guide for communities to build their partnership potential.

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Read our case file on community collaboration in the Snowy Valley Shire Council.


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Read our case file with BHP Billiton’s Illawarra Coal Community Partnerships Program.

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Read our case file, Building partnerships through stories.

Education and employment

Collaborative design and discovery

Our work in instructional design and program implementation is often connected to education and employment on behalf of organisations. It also a source of inspiration and ideas and Discovery is one of them. Discovery is a culture and language fair individual assessment tool that recognises everyone has potential. Traditional assessment tools do not. Senior men and women in north east Arnhem Land know this and helped design Discovery to see their young people given choice and opportunity. And it worked. And now we know it works everywhere.


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Read more about Discovery individual assessment.

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Read our case file HEART Program with Miwatj Employment and Participation.


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Read our case file about Discovery and the Gulkula Regional Training Centre.

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Read our case file on the ALERT Indigenous employment program.


Sustaining communities through social enterprise and appropriate investment

We work with and support social enterprises run by school age children through to adults to further community priorities. This builds on our experience of helping private and public organisations and community representatives develop a considered and purposeful investment strategy from within that they then lead themselves.


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Read our case file with Social Enterprise Academy.

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Read our case file on developing Investor Guides and see our publications.



Download the Fremantle Investors’ Guide.

Current collaborations

We take partnerships seriously and increasingly are working in as an associate with a range of organisations.

Working in this way, helps realise greater opportunities, equity and lasting benefits. Our role ranges from providing assistance with a specific aspect of opportunity to having an ongoing role as a member of the team.


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Read more about our current collaborations.