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Since 2019 Rebecca Iliffe has been an Associate Facilitator with the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA). From its Australian home base with the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship in Beechworth, Victoria SEA operates nationally and internationally.

Case File: Social Enterprise Academy

‘Learning to change the world through programs in leadership, enterprise, personal development and social impact for young people and adults’ is the goal for the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA). 

Established in Scotland and now with hubs around the world including Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, Canada and South Africa, SEA is doing exactly that. SEA in Australia operates across urban, regional and remote Australia. 

Like so many other organisations since 2020, SEA adapted their face to face learning programs to online which has opened up new opportunities and ensured that, amongst other programs, their Social Enterprise Schools initiative can continue uninterrupted.

Aligned to the Australian curriculum the established and proven Social Enterprise Schools program encourages students of primary and secondary age to become entrepreneurs during their school day. Students work together to create a for purpose business to support their chosen cause.

The ideas, innovation, courage and solutions sought by the students are incredible and each year celebrated locally, nationally and presented at the Social Enterprise World Forum. 

While now with a formal role with SEA I have been observing and providing support where I can since 2016 visiting Beechworth and some of the pilot schools and businesses including the walking tour by the students at St Josephs.  Now, my role is helping facilitate these programs which is both exciting and humbling as students and teachers work together as equals in their Social Enterprise Schools journey.