Turnstone Projects works with companies, organisations and communities where shared interests exist.

We do this by undertaking research, guiding and facilitating conversations, building relationships, developing and implementing strategies, creating partnerships and providing on-going support and mentoring. Our three main services are Grantlines, investment and development.


Partnering People and Projects for Good

Grantlines is provided by Turnstone Projects for companies and organisations to collaborate with the community, and other like-minded organisations, where they are engaged, or seek to engage. We provide support and practical assistance to realise local projects together for positive and sustained impact.


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Read more about the Grantlines service.

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Read our case file on community collaboration in the Tumut Shire Council.


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Read our case file with BHP Billiton’s Illawarra Coal Community Partnerships Program.

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Read our case file, Building partnerships through stories. Digital storytelling as a development, advocacy and partnership tool.


Discovery, a clever culture and language fair selection and recruitment tool

Discovery enables organisations to successfully assess potential trainees and applicants whose first language is not English and do not have or, are unable provide, a documented work history.


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Read more about DISCOVERY rethinking selection and assessment.


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Read our case file about Discovery and the Gulkula Regional Training Centre.

Investment and enterprise:

Asset-based community enterprise attraction

Our investment work helps community representatives develop a considered, relevant and practical investment strategy from within.  We assist by developing tailored instructional guides to identify and audit the area's existing assets, understand the specific culture and values and identify potential industries, services and businesses for expansion, investment and partnerships.  This area of work connects into our Grantlines service.  
Our approach requires significant community participation and the service can be provided remotely or by visiting a community.  The approach ensures revisions and updates can be done locally as new opportunities emerge.


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Read our case file on developing the Fremantle Investors’ Guide.



Download the Fremantle Investors’ Guide.


Project and program development services

Turnstone Projects assists companies and organisations with specific opportunities as they engage with or expand into a new area or community.  Often it involves behind the scenes and on-the-ground research to understand the local opportunities and issues.  The research is written in a way that is accessible to a wide range of audiences.  This approach fosters participation and collaboration.  Clients then make decisions mindful of local priorities, values and considerations.   Turnstone Projects usually continues its involvement to develop the strategies for implementation.  Often this connects into the Grantlines approach as projects gather interest and come to fruition.


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Read our case file HEART Program with Miwatj Employment and Participation.

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Read our case file with BHP Billiton’s Illawarra Coal working groups: Appin, Douglas Park and Bulli Seam.


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Read our case file on the ALERT Indigenous employment program.