Rebecca Iliffe
Rebecca Iliffe established Turnstone Projects to work with companies, organisations and communities where shared interests exist in 2003.

Turnstone Projects works in three related areas: Grantlines, partnering people and projects for good; asset-based community investment attraction; and project development.

Rebecca's career has spanned all of the areas encompassed today in Turnstone Projects. Her earliest work was as a professional wool classer in shearing sheds across eastern Australia, followed by early stage processing and facilitating technical training for international users of Australia wool.

She then spent over ten years working with government and industry in business and community in development and investment attraction roles.

Around the same time Rebecca’s interest in philanthropy developed. Initially it was through initiative of the Ian Potter Foundation's Potter Farmland Project in the early 1990s. This innovative project showed the importance of partnerships to protect and sustain rural businesses and the communities around them. This led to her long term interest in the practice of philanthropy and of building partnerships with industry, business, organisations and communities where shared interests exist.

Rebecca is an Associate Consultant with Philanthropy Australia and with her husband James, and their two sons, run their small family trust, Bethesda Trust. The trust supports innovative education-related projects in metropolitan and rural areas across Australia and combines grant-making and digital storytelling to advocate, educate and inspire.
Rebecca is based in Sydney having lived, worked and travelled widely in Australia. She also spends time in Bermagui and has over the last 15 years, developed a strong interest in rural and fisheries issues across the region.

She has a Masters of International Relations and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture. This has been complemented with international study, training and facilitation courses and presentations and attendance at conferences. Rebecca also gives her time to projects of interest and is currently working with Ferncourt Public School in Sydney’s inner west.