Discovering potential

For organisations, investing in people is a significant and ongoing undertaking.  Done well, which can mean, trying a new approach, benefits everyone.  This is what Gumatj Corporation in the Northern Territory, Australia, has just successfully done.

Employing locally makes good business sense and often, there are people keen to work who have a lot to offer. However, if English is your second language and for any number of reasons, you don’t have a fully documented work history, the traditional selection processes might overlook you. To help address this, we developed Discovery, a stand-alone selection and assessment tool for organisations to learn and use themselves.

Discovery is an aptitude based assessment process that estimates a person’s potential based on specific workplace behaviours and skills. For employers, Discovery can improve and diversify an organisation’s capability and performance while reducing costs and risks. The methodology is used for individual assessments and to understand how these individuals are likely to operate within a team environment.

Discovery was used for the first intake of Gumatj Corporation’s newly established training centre, the Gulkula Regional Training Centre. With 89 applicants, 63 completed an individual assessment and of these, 35 attended a two-day residential Recruitment Workshop for a team assessment. In their own words, watch Traditional Owners and participants talk about Discovery:

The Discovery approach remains within five locally-based organisations as another tool in their recruitment and staff development practices. These organisations nominated their participants to attend a three-day intensive workshop to become Discovery Facilitators. Participating organisations were Charles Darwin University, East Arnhem Regional Council, Miwatj Employment and Participation, Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation and Gumatj Corporation, in total, 15 people, four of whom where Yolngu. What participants most valued: the innovative techniques; the insights to culture; the simplicity; and, knowing a different approach. The Discovery Workshop was highly rated (91.4% satisfaction) but the real outcome, is that the skills remain within the region to achieve lasting positive change for individuals, their families, employers, government and their communities.



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