HEART: In their own words

The opportunity to work on HEART, a 12 week pilot employment training program for Yolngu men and women from Homeland communities in north-east Arnhem Land was incredible. Working with families, the participants, Traditional Owners, Elders, employers and along the way, a growing number of supporters, was humbling, exciting and so very different.  

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A Welcome Guest

They could have said no but they didn’t and the Blackall community opened up to us.  I was attending the 20th annual Queensland Regional, Rural and Remote Women’s Network conference in September.  I brought my two sons. My eldest was in his first year of school in Sydney. Kirstie from the Blackall State School answered my call.  She was also part of the conference organising committee. She understood and put me in touch with Miss Ross, of Prep R.  Emails followed and a plan came together.

Blackall State School was so generous in its welcome of my son and of us. For his stay they planned an excursion to show my city based son the origins of the town and region at Ram Park. They organised a whip cracking demonstration by young students who were nowhere near as tall as the whips they artfully wielded. They assigned him a buddy. My son’s name was even on the whiteboard about what was happening during the week.  And to add to his delight, a Tuck Shop lunch was ordered.

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