The Sweet Smell of Millet: The Tumut Broom Factory

I had GoogleSignd the Tumut Broom Factory before arriving in town.  Actually, without its own website, I had checked a few links and was convinced it would be there … and open.  After all, it had been there since 1946. Arriving in town in the evening, my visit would have to wait til morning.Lookout

On a beautiful sunny morning in Tumut, there was plenty to see and do early  on.  With my work appointments a little way off, the adventure playground was a must for my three year old as were some of the walking trails and a visit to survey the town from the lookout.  By now, the business day was getting underway and it was time for the Broom Factory. Read more

Discovering potential

For organisations, investing in people is a significant and ongoing undertaking.  Done well, which can mean, trying a new approach, benefits everyone.  This is what Gumatj Corporation in the Northern Territory, Australia, has just successfully done.

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Making Market Sense

Establishing a market to sell, swap and showcase the produce grown by the Canterbury Public School (CPS) students in Sydney’s inner west made sense.  It made even more sense after a pilot market to encourage those within the school community – students, parents, carers and teachers – to bring in any surplus home-grown or homemade produce to swap for something else.

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