Enterprising students, teachers and schools

‘Learning to change the world through programs in leadership, enterprise, personal development and social impact for young people and adults’ is the goal for the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA).  Established in Scotland and now with hubs around the world including Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, Canada and South Africa, SEA is doing exactly that. Read more

Primary Ethics in south west Sydney

Turnstone Projects was commissioned by Primary Ethics to undertake their first location specific research project in south west Sydney. The non-profit Primary Ethics is the NSW Department of Education’s approved provider of a free in-school Ethics Program for primary age students, delivered by trained volunteers. Participants in this research described their ethics classes as ‘a creative learning program for primary-age students to discuss life’s big questions’. Read more

HEART: In their own words

The opportunity to work on HEART, a 12 week pilot employment training program for Yolngu men and women from Homeland communities in north-east Arnhem Land was incredible. Working with families, the participants, Traditional Owners, Elders, employers and along the way, a growing number of supporters, was humbling, exciting and so very different.  

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Blackall Wool Scour: Provenance, perseverance and preservation

Blackall Wool ScourComing past the Blackall cattle yards readying for sale are the buildings and grounds of the Blackall Wool Scour.  It is striking.  It is simple, functional and elegant.  It represents the opportunities and optimism of the wool industry over a century ago.  Those who sought to realise this potential had at their core service and adding value to a developing industry as it was then.

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